How much cash can I borrow?

You can apply for maximum $1500 as a short term loan. However, you will be proposed a loan amount on basis of your loan affordability and lender's calculation parameters.

What are the eligibility criteria for this loan?

The eligibility criteria are very basic. You must be a citizen of Canada aging 18 years or above, and you must have a permanent employment (a regular income) along with a valid bank account.

I work part time. Is it acceptable?

Yes. A permanent part time job is also considered as a regular income source. So, on the basis of your regular income you can get a cash advance offer.

How to repay the loan?

Loan repayment method is highly simple and convenient. Your borrowed loan amount + interest rate would be directly debited from your bank account in a lump sum on the loan due date. You just need to make sure you have sufficient amount balance in your account by the due date to pay off your loan on time.

I have loan defaults in past. Can I still obtain these loans?

Yes. These cash advances are designed for any individual who can afford to make on time repayments. You can be approved for this loan on basis of your regular monthly income, expenses and savings.

What if I miss the repayment on due date?

You might be charged a late payment penalty for delayed repayment. While, in case you do not make payments at all, it can hurt your credit rating as well.